Nutrition Consultations and Support

In order to achieve optimum health it is vital that, along with regular exercise, you fuel your body with the right nutrition.

As an Advanced Nutrition Advisor (trained through Diet Specialist), Fiona can provide you with a programme to help you reach your weight and health targets or simply to adopt a more nutritious eating regime. By following the Diet Specialist six step scientific approach she will develop a personalised programme that not only helps you to lose weight (if that is your goal), but also helps you to stay healthy long into the future. Each one to one consultation will include:

  • Anthropometric measurements (weight, height, body frame check, and full body measurement).
  • Body Mass Index check.
  • Metabolic rate assessment to establish if you have a slow or a fast metabolism.
  • A full analysis of your current food intake.
  • Ideal weight assessment.
  • Individual diet and lifestyle check and plan supported by educational materials.
  • Motivation, counselling, encouragement and support with regular follow ups.

Following this assessment, we apply the following six step science based approach:

Detoxify your body…

To start your healthy eating regime we will provide a detox programme that cleanses your body from toxins, provides you with energy and helps you feel revitalised and prepares your body for a tailored diet.

Plan a new and effective diet…

Having explored your current diet & lifestyle habits we will introduce foods that are tailored according to the glycemic index and their pH balance, with an appropriate calorie content and set at suitable portions & frequency.

Tailor your diet to specific needs…

Everyone has their own dietary needs hence your diet will be tailored by catering for food sensitivities, allergies and intolerances, for vegetarians & religious diets and for other health conditions.

Increase your metabolism…

Your body will have its own metabolic rate, which we can help to boost by measuring your metabolic rate & identifying which foods slow it down, providing 9 tips to increase metabolism and developing a tailored exercise regime.

Incorporate new lifestyle habits…

Successful weight loss is often driven by lifestyle changes, Fiona can help with practical tips on shopping, cooking and eating out, psychological tips to change behaviour and dealing with binges and cravings.

Provide tools to understand nutrition…

Not only will this programme help you to lose weight, it will provide you with tools such as guidance on interpreting food labels,  advice on marketing terminology such as low fat, light & no added sugar and knowledge of ingredients such as E-Numbers.



Initial Assessment $85

7 week programme with one 60 minute consultation each week $600

14 week programme with one 60 minute consultation each week $1000

Additional weeks $100 per 1 hour session

All of the prices* above are for consultations either in person or over skype and all programmes will give you access to our exclusive facebook page for tips and support from other people who are also using the programme to improve their health and wellbeing. Contact Fiona for more information.

*100% of course fees will be used to help improve healthcare in Democratic Republic of the Congo. You can find more information here.