Quick Berry Frozen Yogurt

This is a great spur of the moment treat for when you’re craving a fruity cold snack or if you have unexpected guests to provide dessert for. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare.

The list of ingredients is in serving size per person.

  • Frozen berries: 1 handful per person
  • Natural greek yogurt*: 3 tbsp per person
  • Honey: 1-2tsp per person, depending on your preference of sweetness
  • 1 square of dark chocolate (you won’t need to use the full square)

Blitz the berries, yogurt and honey together in a food processor until well blended and serve in bowls or glasses then finely grate a few shavings of dark chocolate on top.


*Be careful with many dairy products – they are advertised as low fat but if you read the ingredients list, they are packed with sugar to replace the tastiness that you get from the natural presence of fat in the product. This is especially the case with yogurt; if you are buying natural yogurt or low fat yogurt, check the label to ensure they have no added sugar. It is better to consume the natural occurring fat (in moderation) than to eat food that is heavily processed to remove fat which is then replaced with sugar.