Welcome to Fiona’s recipe book!

Here you’ll find recipes that are genuinely tasty and not too complicated to cook. I don’t have the patience to cook difficult recipes and it doesn’t matter how nutritious it is; if it’s going to cause me stress in the kitchen, it isn’t worth it. I am not a professional chef and the cooking and preparation times are what I genuinely think it will take anyone to make; I have tested many of my recipes on my husband who is a novice cook. If you are a whizz in the kitchen you will be able to prepare some of the recipes in less time than I have indicated.

Aim to have a minimum of one meat free day a week, eat fish at least once a week and limit red meat intake to an absolute maximum of 500g per week and no more than 70g a day.

I aim to cover every meal and snack of the day and will be adding to my recipe collection on a regular basis so keep coming back to be the first to find out about new recipes.

If you have a great recipe that you’d like me to share with the world or if you’d like me to create or adapt a recipe for a particular food or occasion I would be delighted to hear from you; please do email me: